Music from Armenian Highlands-one of the cradles of civilization... 

Work songs called “HOROVELS” and sacred melodies side by side. 

Voice and traditional wind instruments (duduk, shvi, tav shvi, bloul, pku, zurna) in amazing duos. Selected Armenian 

traditional and sacred songs are collected here in symbolic way to celebrate the trust of the human being in blessed work, in love with nature and with land.


 Արևագալի երգ և հորդորակ/ Call & Song for Sunrise

by Nerses Shnorhali (XIIc.) / AFTER NOAH© L. Hovanissian

Edited by Lucineh Hovanissian (NONCOMMERCIAL) 


Vem means rock in Armenian.The name of the album concerns the site where  the recording was realized in the XII century Geghard (Unesco World Heritage Site) 

monastery's rock-cut chapel in Armenia.

''The beautiful, classical voice has an intense power. It's pure music from a rich and old culture, Hovanissian makes me feel the intensity of the songs. The wind instruments can hardly be noticed, but in a subtle way they add an extra layer to the music. This ‘‘Vem’’ is a cd that makes me close my eyes and shows me a world much older than mine.''

Eelco Schilder / FOLKWORLD/

   Բաց մեզ, Տեր/ Open For us, Lord/ N. Shnorhali, XIIc.

  Video: ''Home'' by Y. Arthus Bertrand/noncommercial use

Edited by L. Hovanissian /V EM © ADF Bayard Musique

Genre: experimental, folk, jazz, acoustic

Multi-inspired jazz - folk fantasies by Lucineh Hovanissian, featuring Armenian traditional and folk melodies and more: 
from Aram Khachaturian to Arno Babajanyan, 
from Grigor Narekatsi (Xc.) to Bach and Mozart.

''  In Lucineh’s world, Sayat Nova meets jazz piano, joins folk expression and blends with scatting speeches. Not to mention, one performance will take you all  across Armenia with songs from her ancestral homeland of Van to the far mountainous regions of Karabakh.  And on the way back, you might end up stopping by Paris for a croon and tipping your hat at New York without missing a swinging beat. '' 

      Daniele F. Sourian Sahr New York


Homage to Sergei Parajanov

Sayat-Nova-Arno Babajanyan: ElegyMade in Armenia, © L.Hovanissian

Video Collage, voice, & piano- Lucineh Hovanissian 


TRADitional & FOLK 



©Hovanissian 2018